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About Our Pastor

Pastor Bill Moorhead is our pastor.  Our former pastor, David List, retired June 30, 2015.

Pastor Moorhead and his wife, Martha, grew up in Lawrence, KS.  Martha has a business degree from the University of Kansas in Lawrence.  Pastor is a 1973 graduate of Concordia, Seminary, St. Louis.

Pastor and Martha married in Lawrence in 1969 and have a daughter, Sarah, born in 1976.  Sarah and Jarvis Stirn were married in 1999 and have one daughter, Zoie, born in 2006.  The Stirns live in Lawrence.

Pastor Moorhead served Pacific Hills Lutheran Church, 1977 until 2014, when he retired.  He has a Doctor of Ministry degree (1986).  Before coming to Omaha Pastor Moorhead served a dual parish near Herington, KS, 1973-1977.

Pastor and Martha are very happy and excited to serve St. Paul in their retirement.  Pastor Moorhead is also the Circuit Visitor for the Omaha North Circuit (10 congregations) and has been extremely active in the Omaha community all his years in Omaha.

It is Pastor Moorheadís desire that the congregation becomes healthier through his efforts to instill hope in Christ.

His further desire is that the congregation always lives at the intersection of Health and Hope.




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