St. Paul Lutheran Church & School
              5020 Grand Avenue, Omaha, NE 68104

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School Purpose

  • Raise education standards

    • Seek to offer the BEST education possible

      • Synodically trained, Lutheran, Christian teachers

      • Best teachers' efforts

      • Written expectations of each grade

      • Scope and sequence from the state

  • Build parent-teacher relationships

    • Better communication

      • Newsletters (once a month-positive, informative, each teacher

      • Notes sent home

      • Phone calls

    • Better use of volunteers

      • Track with a computer

  • Build community in the classroom

    • Small group dynamics

      • Small group training every other year

    • Build care and concern for each other

      • How do you love the unloveable?

      • When personalities conflict

    • Teacher team

  • Improve religion curriculum in the classroom

    • We're a Lutheran School!

    • Pastor in the classroom once a month

    • Chapel for different age groups

      • For better worship, bring Bibles

  • Seek accreditation

  • Celebrate Lutheran Schools Week

  • Celebrate Lutheran Preschools Week (include kindergarten)

  • Upgrade facilities and computers

    • Remodel classrooms

    • Building a gymnasium


 Reaching, Teaching, Leading Others to Christ 



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